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Rozlien: 1200x753 px
Velikost: 573 kB
F-Number: f/11.0
Fotoapart: NIKON D90
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Windows
as expozice: Array
Expozin program: Normal Program
EXIF verze: 2.21
Pozen: 26. 09. 2010, 14:03
Men expozice: Multi-segment
Blesk: Ne
Ohnisko: 50 mm
Expozin md: Auto
Vyven bl: Auto
Ekvivalent kinofilm: 75 mm
Scnick reim: Standard
Kontrast: Normal
Saturace: Normal
Ostrost: Normal

For the first time...

NORWAY, 27. 12. 2012, viewed: 59341x, today: 43x

The eyes still cant believe what they see, such incredible nordic beauty, known only from books and internet , spreads as far as the young eyes can see... And now, after many years of dreaming it is real... Amazing feeling to show good and right things to good and right people... There is no bigger pleasure... Try it!

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09. 08. 2022
vi20090909 (at) gmail.com
balloon The big lake in the background is called Femunden... Anywhere you go in this area, you will love it, dont hesitate...
Petr Pavlek
14. 01. 2013
balloon it woudl be nice where this is. i really want to explore this area
09. 01. 2013
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