Adam Ondra

adam-400.jpgAdam Ondra was born on 5th February 1993 in Brno in the Czech republic into a family of climbers. Thanks to his parents he was introduced to the fantastic environment of rocks at a very young age.

He masters his first climbing steps as a 3 year old. At the age of 6 he climbs full time. Adam's special talent in climbing is soon obvious and thanks to the great support of his parents it is developed to the maximum. His performance grows and the Czech "wonder-boy" soon starts to surprise the whole climbing world. At the age of thirteen Adam ranks among the best climbers in the world by doing a 9a route. His speed and inimitably easy style with which Adam climbs the most difficult world routes makes everyone suspect that this is just the beginning.

In the junior's competition scene, Adam does not lose from the age of 11 to 16. In 2009 he can finally compete against adults. In his first competition, the World Championship in China he achieves a bit of a misfortunate second place. He regains his high spirits during the World Cup in lead in 2009, which he wins. The same is repeated in 2010 by winning the WC in bouldering. Despite studying at a prestigious college he was at the age of 17 probably the most travelled climber of the planet. Adam has climbed a countless number of rock faces of up to grade level 8c+ OS, 9a FLASH and 9b PP, a few extreme mountain first ascents and many boulders up to 8B+ FLASH and 8C+. Adam is a long-term leader of the unofficial world chart of rock climbers on the server.

In May 2012 Adam finishes his demanding high school and decides to give up the university studies, which means, that for the first time in his life he can focus purely on rock climbing.

A few months later, on 4th of October 2012, Adam Ondra becomes the first person to ever reach the new difficulty of 9b+, by finishing his monstrous route CHANGE in Norway, which represents the next step in the evolution of climbing.

Adam´s incredible climbing career was captured in the big autobiographical movie The Wizard´s Apprentice (2012)

cfl-100.jpgAdam has been proud ambassador of Climb for Life for about 3 years. It is a project trying to inform across the climbing world about the possibility of becoming marrow bone donor. How to become potential marrow bone donor and having a perspective of saving someone's life like Adam?

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1x 9b+ - Change

5x 9b

14x 9a+

46x 9a including 1 FLASH

103 x 8c+ including 14 ON-SIGHTs


2x 8C+

6x 8C

20x 8B+

This simple but impressive list makes Adam Ondra the best rock climber that has ever walked on the surface of the planet. That all at the age of 19, which means that the future still lies in front of him...

Listen to the big words about Adam by climbing and mountaineering legend Alexander Huber. This interview was done 15 months before the Change project started, for the first movie by Ondra/Pavlicek team - The wizard¨s apprentice

Text: Petr Pavlíček

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