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Change - unconventional film about the peculiar journey of a few friends to freedom...




Adam Ondra has been considered the best climber in the history of climbing for several years now. Even though he is only 19. Despite the fact that he is studying at a demanding grammar school, he is maybe the most traveling and definitely the most watched climber of today.

It is almost an impossible task to combine and manage top sporting performances on the rocks, a difficult studying and the never ending carousel of competitions, interviews, festivals and slide-shows.

Adam is taking his A level exams in a few weeks. Even though he is a top student, he decides not to go to university. Instead, he and 3 of his friends are setting on a long journey to the unknown north of Europe. Remote areas of Norway and Sweden are hiding some undiscovered climbing and natural treasures.

The first really FREE journey beyond the limits of human possibilities may begin...



  • Adam Ondra - professional rock climber - detailed info on The Wizard´s Apprentice
  • Petr Pavlíček - adventurous filmmaker, expert on far North, author of the project
  • Bára Vávrová - photographer, traveler - www.baravavrova.com
  • Inka Matoušková - architecture student, passionate climber
  • Runar Carlsen, Gudmund Grønhaug, Berit Hestnes, Olav Strøm, Lars Ole Gudevang, Jens Larsen, Magnus Mitbø, Miroslav Minařík, Štěpán Uhlíř, Revolta, Jei Mar, Erik Grandelius, Adam Okrasiňski and many more great people from Scandinavia.

Camera, direction, locations, logistics - Petr Pavlíček - BERNARTWOOD

Date of filming - May 2012 - November 2012

Estimated premiere - June 2013

Film genre - realistic action documentary film with emphasis on moral and aesthetic value

How it all started...


In May 2009, Petr and Adam met in the rocks and immediately started making the first autobiographical, purely climbing film about Adam Ondra´s life. They travelled to the world´s best climbing areas, situated mostly in the south of Europe. Petr often spoke to Adam about the rock potential he had seen during his frequent journeys to the North. However, common expedition was in the dimensions of dreams at that time, as there were no hard routes in the whole Scandinavia and Adam was focused on repeating the hardest existing routes in the world.

Their first film The Wizard´s apprentice was finished at the end of 2011.

Despite the success of the film, Petr desired to return to the pure North. He simply had no more motivation to do another purely climbing movie from established climbing crags somewhere in the south. Which is where Adam was spending all his free time between his studies. Petr wanted to return to his previous passion - adventurous and expedition film projects. So no further co-operation with Adam seemed to be possible in the near future. However, never say never...

Everything has changed dramatically, when Adam decided not to go tu university, after finishing his high school studies. The whole new horizon of possibilities has opened...

Petr and Adam, quickly decided to put all their skills, time and energy together once again, and set off a long unpredictable journey with one unsure aim - moving their dreams (climbing and filming) forward. Where did it lead them? Into the amazing part of Europe, where there is endless undiscovered potential for hard and beautiful climbing adventures. Hard enough even for the best climber in the world...

Motives and aims

  • easy ride to freedom and dreams + positive and specific motivation for other people to set off their own journey
  • impressive pushing the limits of human possibilities - world´s first 9b+ route
  • getting to know the most promising climbing areas of the world and significant contribution to their development
  • also discovering brand new climbing areas, meeting new people but also getting to know oneself
  • emphasis on protection and preservation of Nature
  • emphasis on friendship, honesty, doggedness
  • promotion of the CLIMB FOR LIFE project - Adam Ondra is the face of the programme for seeking bone marrow donors


More updates to come!

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A project trying to inform across the climbing world about the possibility of becoming marrow bone donor. This movie is proud to present itself as a partner of Climb for Life, to spread the word and saving the human's lives eventually. How to get started yourself? Please visit CLIMB FOR LIFE

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The Wizard´s Apprentice

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