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Rozlišení: 1200x780 px
Velikost: 555 kB
F-Number: f/3.5
Fotoaparát: NIKON D7000
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Windows
Čas expozice: Array
Expoziční program: Normal Program
ISO: 100
EXIF verze: 2.21
Pořízení: 28. 07. 2011, 22:14
Měření expozice: Multi-segment
Blesk: Ano
Ohnisko: 16 mm
Expoziční mód: Auto
Vyvážení bílé: Auto
Ekvivalent kinofilm: 24 mm
Scénický režim: Standard
Kontrast: Normal
Saturace: Normal
Ostrost: Normal


NORWAY, 29. 12. 2012, viewed: 8857x, today: 1x

Gratitude... this is the right meaning ofthe feeling, I feel everytme in this magic area around big lake Femunden... Here began my life lasting love and passion called North. I was here 17 times already... Everytime I stay on the shore, I feel enormous gratitude for everything Femundsmarka has given me. Motivation, power to keep children dreams, resistance, humility, joy... and a few truly unique friends...

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JPG, 1200x780 px, 555 kB
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