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Rozlišení: 1200x765 px
Velikost: 464 kB
F-Number: f/9.0
Fotoaparát: NIKON D800
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Windows
Čas expozice: Array
Expoziční program: Normal Program
ISO: 100
EXIF verze: 2.21
Pořízení: 31. 07. 2012, 19:07
Měření expozice: Multi-segment
Blesk: Ano
Ohnisko: 24 mm
Expoziční mód: Auto
Vyvážení bílé: Auto
Ekvivalent kinofilm: 24 mm
Scénický režim: Standard
Kontrast: Normal
Saturace: Normal
Ostrost: Normal

Hanshelleren - the Flatanger cave

CHANGE - THE MOVIE, 28. 12. 2012, viewed: 10630x, today: 3x

From the diary of Petr Pavlíček from July 12th 2011, 1 year before the film project started.

shortly after midnight I reached the Hanshelleren, (better known as the Flatanger cave) for the first time. I believe, that the future of the hardcore climbing will be soon written right in this amazing area at the coast of western Norway. Definitively last shots for the long lasting movie project about Adam O. were done here (the Wizard´s apprentice movie), which will give a glimpse of what is going to happen "soon"...
It was a honor and pleasure for me to climb a few of the first new easy routes there, which maybe had not been climbed yet, just bolted, as I had heard from the "locals"... The hard ones still wait for everybody there...
And this gigant excelent-granite cave, which makes Santa Lynia cave look like a playground for children, is not even the biggest in Norway...

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balloon Just a tip - the last thing you want to say to a person from Flatanger, is that he/she is from western Norway..
30. 01. 2013
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