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Mollisfossen - First Ascent

NORSKO, 07. 03. 2013, zobrazeno: 15806x, dnes: 5x

Ivan starting the second pitch, while Roman is hidden in the ice cave. One of my most memorable moments was this day in February 2007, in the middle of nowhere, in one deep canyon in Finnmarksvidda far behind the polar circle, where we made the first ascent of this dangerous 267m high frozen gigantic waterfall...

Photo from the movie: Odyssey of the North

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25. 11. 2020
amandapeet995 (at) gmail.com
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15. 06. 2020
Linconb (at) gmail.com
balloon I love the act but it's too scary and I dont see him with anyone who can rescue him if ever he falls.
Megan Stalke
15. 06. 2020
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petersjsct (at) gmail.com
balloon What a brave man he is! He is giving me chills.
15. 06. 2020
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morningstarlucifer0502 (at) gmail.com
balloon It is also written in the newspaper "Framtid i nord" from 2007 that this was not a first ascent. A local "Odd Rudberg" is stating that several people had climbed it prior to this. He had done it himself as well.
Nils Hermann
15. 01. 2019
balloon FIRST ASCENT stimmt nicht. Håvard Nesheim and Frode Guldal climbed Mollisfossen more than 30 years ago. See NorKlatt 17, p.18-19, 1981.
28. 10. 2014
svein.smelvar (at) uit.no
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