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Rozlišení: 1200x769 px
Velikost: 638 kB
F-Number: f/11.0
Fotoaparát: NIKON D70
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)
Čas expozice: 1/400s
Expoziční program: Normal Program
EXIF verze: 2.21
Pořízení: 10. 03. 2007, 13:15
Měření expozice: Multi-segment
Blesk: Ne
Ohnisko: 20 mm
Expoziční mód: Auto
Vyvážení bílé: Auto
Ekvivalent kinofilm: 30 mm
Scénický režim: Landscape
Kontrast: Normal
Saturace: Normal
Ostrost: Hard
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Rest day in Lyngenfjord

NORSKO, 21. 02. 2013, zobrazeno: 20386x, dnes: 5x

After returning from Reisadalen, a giant valley in Finnmarksvidda, where we were as very probably the first people 2 weeks climbing the biggest frozen waterfalls behing the polar circle, we are enjoying calm sunny day at the shore of absolutely wonderful Lyngenfjord. Tomorrow we will be 1000km more in the North, heading with heavy pulken (sledges) to the frozen ocean on the east from Svalbard. Real Arctics is waiting... (photo from the project "Call of the North")

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JPG, 1200x769 px, 638 kB
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