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Rozlišení: 1200x779 px
Velikost: 530 kB
F-Number: f/8.0
Fotoaparát: NIKON D800
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Windows
Čas expozice: Array
Expoziční program: Normal Program
ISO: 100
EXIF verze: 2.21
Pořízení: 11. 03. 2012, 20:09
Měření expozice: Multi-segment
Blesk: Ano
Ohnisko: 105 mm
Expoziční mód: Auto
Vyvážení bílé: Auto
Ekvivalent kinofilm: 105 mm
Scénický režim: Standard
Kontrast: Normal
Saturace: Normal
Ostrost: Normal
Načítání dat...

ADAM ONDRA trying to flash BIOGRAPHIE 9a+

JAK SE TOČIL FILM, 29. 12. 2012, zobrazeno: 11746x, dnes: 2x

8.6. 2012, Adam has decided to try to flash one of the most famous routes in the world - Biographie 9a+ in Ceuse, France. The hardest flash to that date was 8c+. He got easily to the top of the first original pitch (8c+), but went too slow (for his style) and after getting pumped, fell down in the crux move just a few moves before the jug... So despite Adam has flashed at least 8c+/9a, which is the hardest flash ever, he did not made it to the top or the route, so he will obviously not count it and this super attempt will not be written anywhere... But it was amazing fight and we made great shots from this "crazy cable car"...

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JPG, 1200x779 px, 530 kB
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